Tabox v3.5.1 is out

Tabox v3.5.1 has been uploaded to the Chrome and Edge web stores.

(Edge store is still in review process, will be out shortly)

This version bring a lot of bug fixes and stability improvements for syncing collections in Google Drive.

It also brings a much requested feature – Search!

The text box used to save a new collection, now serves a dual purpose – you can search your existing collection or add a new one.

tabox search
Search for collections

This version also includes the following changes and fixes:

  • Export all collections: Want to export all your collections at once? In the settings menu, select “Export all collections”
  • Force load collections from Google Drive: Not seeing your synced collections for some reason? Click the settings menu and select “Load collections from Google Drive backup”
  • Updated the import collections button to support importing a file with multiple collections
  • Updated icons across the extension, including new “muted” and “pinned” tabs icons when expanding a collection
  • Option to exclude pinned tabs when saving collections: Want to ignore pinned tabs when adding collections? In the settings menu, toggle the include / do not include pinned tabs switch.
  • Fixed some issues related to Google Drive sync
  • Open single tab in existing window – when expanding a collection, clicking the “open” icon for a single tab will now open that tab in an existing or new window, based on the “new window” switch.

Tabox ❤️ Hacktoberfest

Welcome and happy October overyone!

Today we are happy to announce that Tabox will participate in Hacktoberfest!

What is Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest encourages participation in the open source community, which grows bigger every year. It was created by DigitalOcean and every year, those who complete at least 4 valid pull requests will get a T-Shirt!

How does Tabox participate?

As an open source project, we have labeled all our open issues with the “Hacktoberfest” label, so if anyone submits a valid PR to one of our issues, it will count towards your progress!

What do I need to do?

Signup for Hacktoberfest on the official website and start contributing to Tabox!

Need help with contributing to Tabox? Just feel free to comment on the issue you wish to work on and we will gladly help out and point you in the right direction.

Happy Hacking!

Tabox v3.5 is out

Today we submitted v3.5 of Tabox to the Chrome and Edge web stores.

After the approval process for each store is done, v3.5 will be automatically updated for all Chrome and Edge users.

v3.5 was designed to focus heavily on bugs and issues reported by users and help make the extension more stable.

The version includes the following:

New Features
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    you can now use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl (or Cmd on mac) + Shift + 1 – 4 to open your each of your first 4 collections in Tabox.
    You can arrange the list of collections by dragging and dropping collections through the “handle” on the left side of each collection.
    Ctrl + Shift + 1 will open the first collection you have in the list, 2 will open the 2nd and so on.
  • Save window size and position
    New collections being added in v3.5 or newer will also include window size and position information. When opening a collection with that info stored in it, will open the window in the same size and position on the screen it was when it was saved.
    Make sure that “open in a new window” is enabled for this to work.
Bug Fixes
  • Importing collections from file would some time not work
  • In some cases, users were not able to open collections
  • Issue where enabling sync did not work for some users
  • Saving a collection with apostrophe ( ‘ ) in the name would cause it to appear encoded
  • Restoring last closed window or tab did not work in some cases

The full list of issues resolved for this version is available here.

Tabox v3.4.9 is out

Just a quick heads up, we released v3.4.9 of Tabox today that includes an error tracking system called Sentry.

This system will allow us to collect errors in Tabox from our users to help us investigate and fix any issues.

Up until now, when users reported issues, we could not always reproduce them and see what went wrong.

This system will help us do just that.

We also updated our privacy policy to reflect this change so please have a look at it if you wish.

Please note:
This system does not collect any personal information. It is only for technical data. Your collections and your Google account info (if used) are not shared with Sentry or any other 3rd party service.

Tabox v3.4.8 is out

After almost 2 months of work and testing, we are happy to announce that v3.4.8 of Tabox is now available!


This version contains multiple new features, bug fixes and improvments.

Lets dive in!

What’s new in v3.4.8

Brand new collection editing tools!

You can now expand an existing collection by clicking the triangle toggle next to it.

There you can:

  • Change the collection name
  • View all tabs and groups inside a collection
  • Open a specific tab inside a collection
  • Delete a tab from a collection
  • Delete a group from a collection
  • Add all current tabs and groups to a collection
  • Add only selected tabs and groups to a collection
  • Edit grouped tabs settings including group name and color

New options in the settings menu

The settings menu now offers options for collection editing, including the ability to ignore tabs and groups that already exist (a groups is considered “duplicate” if it has the exact same name and color as another group in the collection – in that case, tabs from this group can be appended to the group that already exists in the collection, or, be treated as a new group)

Undo option

When doing certain operations in Tabox, such as delete a collection, update a collection or add tabs to a collection, a message will appear giving you the option to undo that operation within 10 seconds.

Automatic backup when a new version of Tabox is installed

Learning from our past mistakes, we want you to feel secure that your collections do not get removed, altered or damaged when updating to a new version of Tabox.
To that end, starting from this version (3.4.8) Tabox will backup your tabs when it installs a new version. You can then use the new version, and if anything is wrong, click the settings menu and choose: “Restore collections from version #.#.#” to restore your collections.

v3.4.8 is already live on the Chrome Web Store, the Edge store will be live in a few days, pending their approval process.

We hope you enjoy this new version, we tried to incorporate as much of the suggestions sent to us by you – the Tabox community and we are already working on the next version, so if you don’t see your feature request here, don’t worry!

And again, if you have any issues, questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Help support Tabox

Hello to our amazing Tabox community!

Tabox was created to provide a free tool that would hopefully help out some people who needed that functionality.

Over the last year, Tabox has grown significantly to over 9000 weekly users on Chrome, and more on other browsers!

We are forever grateful to our amazing users, who provided feedback, feature requests or just showing their support via comments or email.

We are happy we can offer this tool for free without having to include ads and without compromising our users privacy.

Tabox is and always will be 100% free and open source, but for those who wish to help support the development, we are now offering ways to provide donations.

Please know, that we will never ask for money in exchange for “premium” features in Tabox. All our users will get the same product – always.

Donating, will help us develop Tabox further and provide more amazing features!

If you wish to contribute, we are offering various ways to do so on our Sponsorship page.

You can donate any amount you want in one of the methods specified on the page.

For those who choose GitHub Sponsorship, you can get some cool GitHub benefits on our repo!

If you do not want or cannot afford to donate, you can still help us by writing reviews, following us on Twitter or Facebook and sharing Tabox with your friends!

Thank you again to our amazing community! YOU are what makes Tabox great!

Tabox v3.4.4 is out

We just released version 3.4.4 of Tabox to the Chrome Web Store!

Tabox v3.4.4

This version added a feature that was requested by a number of our amazing users – the ability to not open tabs if they already exist in the window.

We also introduced a new “Settings” section, available through the gears icon on the top right corner of the extension.

At this time, the only setting there is for duplicate tabs, but we expect this to grow soon with more new settings to give you more advanced control.

We hope you enjoy this new version!

As always, your feedback is always welcome!

A brand new Tabox

Today we are proud to share with you the latest version of Tabox – Tabox 3.4!

Tabox v3.4
Tabox 3.4

This is not just another version, for this one, we completely rebuilt the extension from the ground up!

That said, during the publishing of this new version, we also temporarily released a buggy version to the Chrome Web Store, causing some users to experience various issues, such as visual problems and, in some cases, loosing some or all of the saved collections.

We are deeply sorry for this. We messed up.

We believe that the issues regarding loss of data have been resolved, but to be safe, you can also export your collections to a file just in case.

The current version of Tabox at the time writing this, is v3.4.3. If you have versions 3.4, 3.4.1 or 3.4.2 – please do not use them, and go to the Extension page in your browser and click the “Update” button.

Whats new?

  • For the first time, Tabox now supports all Chromium based browsers such as Brave and Microsoft Edge! (Firefox coming later)
  • You can now assign colors to your collections, for easier categorization and sorting.
  • You can also sort the collections by color or by the time they were added.
  • At the bottom of the popup window, you can find an option to reopen your last closed tab or window (only available if you have any recently closed windows in your browsing session)
  • Opening of saved tabs is now slightly faster
  • When sync is enabled, you can now see the email address you are using with Google Drive (we do not collect that info, it is only there for you to see)

Despite the recent issues we had with releasing this version, we believe it will make Tabox a much more reliable and stable extension.

Thank you again to all our wonderful users, who take the time to report issues and provide feedback! You are what make Tabox great for everyone!

Privacy in Chrome Extensions

One of the most frequent concerns we hear from our users is about privacy.

A number of very popular Chrome extensions that have been used by thousands of people for years have been sold to big corporations or companies with a shady background.

Why does that matter? Well, a Chrome extension can get access that a normal websites cannot.
It can track your browsing history, access content you input in websites, it can even get to your file system (your hard drive) given the right permissions.

Most casual users, do not always check or care about what permissions are granted when they install an extension, especially if its a well known one that has allot of users.

When someone wants to easily get access to a large cash of information about thousands of users, a “good” way to do that is to buy a popular extension, take over it and change it to collect personal information – all without you knowing.

How is Privacy Addressed in Tabox?

When Tabox was created, the number one goal was to make it so none of the information used in it would be shared anywhere.

Tabox does not require you to sign up for an account, it does not ask for your name, email or anything else, it just works from the second it’s installed.

All the information in Tabox relating to your tabs, is stored locally, and if you enable the sync option using Google Drive, that data is stored in your Google Drive account.

The permissions used in Tabox

Like we mentioned before, permissions are important. They are the only thing standing between an extension and the access it needs to steal your information.

Tabox uses only the permissions needed to function properly, but even those might seem strange to some, so lets go over them.

Tabox permissions, as noted by Chrome when you install Tabox
  1. Read and change your data on and
    Why we need this?
    We use those URLs to communicate with the Google Drive APIs that give us the capability to use Google Drive sync.
    When is it used?
    Only when you enable Google Drive sync and only to make API requests to sync your data.
  2. Read your browsing history on all your signed-in devices
    Why we need this?
    It may sound scary but we only use your “history” to enable the “Open your last closed window or tab” feature.
    When is it used?
    The “Open your last closed window or tab” link uses your browser history to figure out what window or tab you closed last and restore it.
    We do not keep track of your history and we do not access it any other time.
    Unfortunately Chrome is not able to give “partial” or “limited” history permissions, if it did we would surly limit it.
  3. View and manage your tab groups
    Why we need this?
    So we can save your tab group
    When is it used?
    When you save your session in Tabox, it collects information about your current open Chrome groups (id, title and color) and that data is later used when you click to restore a saved session.
To Sum Up

Always be careful when you install a new extension, and make sure it does not ask for permission it does not / should not need.

Tabox will never sell your information or hand over control to another party we do not fully trust. You, the users are what makes Tabox great and we will always appreciate that!