Tabox v3.4.4 is out

We just released version 3.4.4 of Tabox to the Chrome Web Store!

Tabox v3.4.4

This version added a feature that was requested by a number of our amazing users – the ability to not open tabs if they already exist in the window.

We also introduced a new “Settings” section, available through the gears icon on the top right corner of the extension.

At this time, the only setting there is for duplicate tabs, but we expect this to grow soon with more new settings to give you more advanced control.

We hope you enjoy this new version!

As always, your feedback is always welcome!

A brand new Tabox

Today we are proud to share with you the latest version of Tabox – Tabox 3.4!

Tabox v3.4
Tabox 3.4

This is not just another version, for this one, we completely rebuilt the extension from the ground up!

That said, during the publishing of this new version, we also temporarily released a buggy version to the Chrome Web Store, causing some users to experience various issues, such as visual problems and, in some cases, loosing some or all of the saved collections.

We are deeply sorry for this. We messed up.

We believe that the issues regarding loss of data have been resolved, but to be safe, you can also export your collections to a file just in case.

The current version of Tabox at the time writing this, is v3.4.3. If you have versions 3.4, 3.4.1 or 3.4.2 – please do not use them, and go to the Extension page in your browser and click the “Update” button.

Whats new?

  • For the first time, Tabox now supports all Chromium based browsers such as Brave and Microsoft Edge! (Firefox coming later)
  • You can now assign colors to your collections, for easier categorization and sorting.
  • You can also sort the collections by color or by the time they were added.
  • At the bottom of the popup window, you can find an option to reopen your last closed tab or window (only available if you have any recently closed windows in your browsing session)
  • Opening of saved tabs is now slightly faster
  • When sync is enabled, you can now see the email address you are using with Google Drive (we do not collect that info, it is only there for you to see)

Despite the recent issues we had with releasing this version, we believe it will make Tabox a much more reliable and stable extension.

Thank you again to all our wonderful users, who take the time to report issues and provide feedback! You are what make Tabox great for everyone!

Privacy in Chrome Extensions

One of the most frequent concerns we hear from our users is about privacy.

A number of very popular Chrome extensions that have been used by thousands of people for years have been sold to big corporations or companies with a shady background.

Why does that matter? Well, a Chrome extension can get access that a normal websites cannot.
It can track your browsing history, access content you input in websites, it can even get to your file system (your hard drive) given the right permissions.

Most casual users, do not always check or care about what permissions are granted when they install an extension, especially if its a well known one that has allot of users.

When someone wants to easily get access to a large cash of information about thousands of users, a “good” way to do that is to buy a popular extension, take over it and change it to collect personal information – all without you knowing.

How is Privacy Addressed in Tabox?

When Tabox was created, the number one goal was to make it so none of the information used in it would be shared anywhere.

Tabox does not require you to sign up for an account, it does not ask for your name, email or anything else, it just works from the second it’s installed.

All the information in Tabox relating to your tabs, is stored locally, and if you enable the sync option using Google Drive, that data is stored in your Google Drive account.

The permissions used in Tabox

Like we mentioned before, permissions are important. They are the only thing standing between an extension and the access it needs to steal your information.

Tabox uses only the permissions needed to function properly, but even those might seem strange to some, so lets go over them.

Tabox permissions, as noted by Chrome when you install Tabox
  1. Read and change your data on and
    Why we need this?
    We use those URLs to communicate with the Google Drive APIs that give us the capability to use Google Drive sync.
    When is it used?
    Only when you enable Google Drive sync and only to make API requests to sync your data.
  2. Read your browsing history on all your signed-in devices
    Why we need this?
    It may sound scary but we only use your “history” to enable the “Open your last closed window or tab” feature.
    When is it used?
    The “Open your last closed window or tab” link uses your browser history to figure out what window or tab you closed last and restore it.
    We do not keep track of your history and we do not access it any other time.
    Unfortunately Chrome is not able to give “partial” or “limited” history permissions, if it did we would surly limit it.
  3. View and manage your tab groups
    Why we need this?
    So we can save your tab group
    When is it used?
    When you save your session in Tabox, it collects information about your current open Chrome groups (id, title and color) and that data is later used when you click to restore a saved session.
To Sum Up

Always be careful when you install a new extension, and make sure it does not ask for permission it does not / should not need.

Tabox will never sell your information or hand over control to another party we do not fully trust. You, the users are what makes Tabox great and we will always appreciate that!

Tabox 3.3 Is Ready!

After several months of work, Tabox 3.3 is now ready and available on the Chrome Web Store!

When we first started Tabox, the Chrome did not have the “Groups” feature to group tabs in the browser. When Google released that feature, it created some confusion around Tabox and our mission – to save your tabs in groups, as Tabox did not save those Chrome tab groups, only your open tabs.

Today, with version 3.3 we are happy to announce we fully support saving Chrome tab groups when you save your tabs using Tabox!

This has been the no. 1 most requested feature among out users. We received countless feedback from people, requesting that we add this feature.

Tabox will now save you open tabs, wether they are in groups or not.

For grouped tabs, Tabox will also save the group names and colors you assigned them.

IMPORTANT: v3.3 can only be installed on Chrome v89 or newer, the new Chrome features for controlling Chrome tab groups is only available in the most recent version of Chrome.

But wait, there is more! Checkout the full release notes below.

Tabox v3.3 Release Notes:
  • Tabox now saves grouped tabs (Chrome Groups)
  • Saved tabs now also save the tab’s muted state (Muted / Not Muted)
  • Updated UI and cleaner design for both light and dark themes
  • Improved performance and speed
  • Fixed bug: When there are multiple tab groups in Tabox with the same name, opening one would open all groups

This latest update will be rolling out to all existing users automatically over the next few hours

Note: Some features are not available in other Chromium based browsers like Brave or Vivaldi.

User Guide Now Available

Hello Taboxers!

We are so thrilled to see how Tabox has grown and how many amazing users we have!

Now that more and more people are trying out Tabox, we saw more requests for explanations on how to use Tabox.

To that end, we are happy to introduce a brand new page on this site, where you can find information on where to find the extension and how to use it.

So if you are a new user or just want to read up on all the amazing features in Tabox, just head on over to our “Using Tabox” page!

We hope this helps more people utilize the power to Tabox!

As always, thank you to our amazing user who ask questions and suggest improvements! please keep the feedback coming!

Hitting the 1K Mark

Today Tabox has just over 1000 active users!

Thank you everyone for trying it out and thank you for to all the users who set in their feedback, we would not be here without you!

As new capabilities roll in to the Chrome browser, we will work on adding more functionality to help make Tabox even more awesome!

We have some nice things planned so stay tuned, and please keep the feedback coming!

We respond to every single request / suggestion and will try to incorporate some of them in future releases.

Thanks again for all your support!

Export and import tab groups

If you work in a team that uses allot of web apps and websites for your day to day work, you might already have a list of all those URLs.

What happens if you need to onboard a new team member or simply help out that one person who forgot to save all those URLs?

Tabox lets you not only create a tab group for all those sites, but also export and import groups.

This way, you can export your work tabs and have someone else import the file into Tabox so they can use it too!

To do that, simply create a tab group, then click the “Export” button next to it ()

Export tab group in Tabox
Exporting a tab group in Tabox

When you click the export button, Tabox will download a .txt file for you, that you can then have someone else (or yourself) import into Tabox.

To import a tab group from a file, simply click the “Import tabs from file” button and select the file you wish to import.

It’s that easy!

We hope you enjoy our extension and please feel free to post questions and feedback!

Tabox 3.2 Released

Today we released version 3.2 of Tabox!

This version includes the ability to only save selected tabs, not just all tabs.

To use it, simple ctrl (or cmd) + click some tabs in you browser to “highlight” them, then open Tabox.

Tabox will detect you have some highlighted tabs and switch to save only those tabs.

If you wish to save ALL tabs in the window, simply unselect the tabs and open Tabox again.

This release also include some minor bug fixes.

We hope you like it and as always, we welcome your feedback!