Tabox v3.4.4 is out

We just released version 3.4.4 of Tabox to the Chrome Web Store!

Tabox v3.4.4

This version added a feature that was requested by a number of our amazing users – the ability to not open tabs if they already exist in the window.

We also introduced a new “Settings” section, available through the gears icon on the top right corner of the extension.

At this time, the only setting there is for duplicate tabs, but we expect this to grow soon with more new settings to give you more advanced control.

We hope you enjoy this new version!

As always, your feedback is always welcome!

One thought on “Tabox v3.4.4 is out

  1. Great tool for grouping your tabs, which I typically use generate from search result(topic)..really like that I can export tabs/groups to a file. From feedback perspective, I think it would be step forward to have the ability to organize these tabs into a directory/folder structure. This would similar browser bookmarks (e.g via Chrome ‘Bookmark manager’ ). Right now I am just export to file and saving that into a file directory structure.


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